These paintings and the accompanying essay come from three years of thinking, three years of thought. Over three years I have noticed how much thinking is a part of my painting. Often I have spent more time sitting and looking and thinking than making marks. I began investigating the angst that I saw entering into the work; failure, weakness, a disquiet, but also a sense of power and playfulness in the failing. I related this to the disintegration I was seeing around me in many of our social structures and I made my focus the questioning of the causes and effects of those failures. I found three constants in my patterns of thought. Those constants are voices of contemporary society such as Hip-hop culture, the legacy of myth, and the power of the act of storytelling. This questioning lead me to wonder if there was a loss of our soul as a society and how as a people we can work to find ourselves again. So I looked back to my own history and memories of where I came from to help guide me.

The paintings focus on what it means to lose the soul. The jump into the unknown. The sadness, the intensity of that loss, the fear of not knowing where we are or how to go on, but also the curiosity in not knowing what is to come and the power in the knowledge that we can determine that; we can forge our own futures.